Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome More Newness to Suicide Dolls!

We Love FRESH blood here! And we have some great new and refreshed blood joining back up!

First.. A huge Welcome Home to one of our Suicide Doll Models, Zie!  (Ziekling Bunnyhug for those searching her out)

Coming back after some RL craziness we're happy to re-introduce her to you all. With a wonderful persona inspired by Japanese horror, vampires and anime. She offers a unique style all her own. Striving to be sexy and still classy she loves to be able to make that wow statement with a simplicity that is sure to show things off to their best!  This tall, waif like beauty is and XS and comes to us with some fashion modeling experience and can easily go from Elegant Lady to Tomboy with 'tude.  Welcome Back, Zie!

Next New Blood into the Suicide Dolls.. The Cyanide Chamber

Another Club on the Grid that brings some banging tunes in the "other realm" of music that attracts all us Suicide Dolls in some way! 

Be sure to swing by and check them out! Say Hi.. welcome them to the Suicide Dolls Group!

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