Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Anarchy I tell ya... Total Anarchy!!!

Whew! So many awesome things going on in SL this month.. and one of the first I get to tell you about is Total Anarchy! Have to say... It made me a very happy camper being able to get out and about to do some shopping and exploring!

First Up.. from Tw@ttyC@kes(Have to admit LOVE the name it made me giggle!) .. this amazing sexy yet fierce dress!(Sure to make any person drop their jaw and drool) 

With a Multitude of looks available in one small little package. This outfit from Dark Wing is a WIN for whatever occasion you can think of... And.. Paired nicely with Kennedy's Net Stockings offering too! 

For the more RAWR leaning crowd... Dark Wing also offers Lupe! With some kickin' Lace Jeans and Halter Top... Lupe will make people Loopy with Want! 

DRBC had some skull Capri's I couldn't resist and paired up with your favorite Tee... You can get as Hellbilly or as Cha Cha D'Gregorio as you want! 

Distorted's Penny in Black was a logical and fun choice for me for my everyday kickbuttatude I like to have wandering around the grid! 

Now.. This outfit made me smile. Totally something I'd have on in my non virtual world on a daily basis actually... With the outfit from KS - Bleed for a Sinner comes with the amazingly cute shorts and top and just for added me-ness.. Paired up with Kennedy's Net Stockings with Garters! 

Off with their Heads!!!!! And yes.. when you walk into a place with this outfit on from Pixy Stix.. You will look so fierce you may actually get a head or two handed to you.. if you're lucky! Again.. paired up with the delicious Kennedy Net Stockings with Garters! 

Time to be a baaaaaad little angel in this Bad Angel Outfit from S&C. With tight pants and the short cropped top.. you will need some super glue on your halo to keep it attached or no one is gonna buy that you're a good girl in this! 

Now.. the punker girl in me LOVES loud colors and this outfit from The Little Bat! is quickly becoming a often worn outfit for those moments I just feel a little more Punk that usual. Skully Girl,  I find, offers a softly sweet look into the punk side and this *nods* is something I love! 

And now, to scare the folks around you... The Little Bat also offers up Don't Speak (Those would be the scissors on the tongue) and pairs up nicely with their jumper .. for a truly sugar - tinted look into some depravity!

Cheshire from KS .. I wish I had in the real world. I have a small (ok ok huge) fondness for all things Cheshire Cat related and this interpretation of it makes me smile .. even more so than the mask does.

And lastly from my journey into Total Anarchy.. I preset to you.. Pixy Stix Webbed Leggings. I saw these and was instantly in my buy button smashing it with glee. I love a good webbed leg and these definitely deliver!

SO.. go.. get to Total Anarchy .. become a member to find out when they run.. and SHOP! The more you support your designers in world.. the more stuff they can continue to bring you! Plus.. it's shopping.. I mean really do you need a reason to go do it? hehehe

Till next post Cookies!

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