Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dark December

Dress: Bosch - Tasty Pudding (December Horror Haute)
Jewelry Set: Reckoner - CoLLisions (December Horror Haute)

Sweater: OoZoo with color HUD - .::Aftershok::. (December Horror Haute)
Shoes: Muertos Heels/with HUD - The Little Bat (December Horror Haute)

Outfit: Deer, Krampus - ImmateriA (December Horror Haute)

Keep Me Warm

 It's cold outside, even with the cold I love it when it snows! PunkD releases these adorable winter jackets, pictured above is Natasha. I decided to pair the jacket with Demonia Boots from Sugar Mesh Apparel.

Edith is PunkD's monochrome harlequin jacket which is freakishly adorable! What a great way to keep warm on those winter nightly walks through the town cemetery.

Friday, December 20, 2013

It's a Merry Crisis Gothmas!

 Winter Coat: Lenoire - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Candlelight)

 Gown: Cora - ImmateriA (Gothmas by Candlelight)

GasMask: Santa Farted! - +REDRUM+ (Merry Crisis Gatcha Fair @ DeathRow)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Calling all Creators .. Spread the Word!

Are you a content creator?

On behalf of Club Zero, I would like to extend an invitation and request of your store to be part of an upcoming gatcha event to begin on Wednesday, November 13th and ending the following Wednesday, Novermber 20th. The event will run in accordance with the Anniversary celebration of Club Zero's fourth year in SecondLife . We are asking content creators to set down a gatcha machine (if needed, one will be provided) around designated areas around the club. Price and item is at the discretion of creator, we simply request your support to provide a gatcha machine and wonderful items for shoppers! We would be honored if you would consider to be a sponsor for that event.

What we respectfully ask from you:

*Items for a gatcha event. Creator may use their own gatcha machine, however if content creator is in need of a machine, one will be provided.

*A logo of your store, full perm to use in advertisement for the event which will be displayed at the event and on The Eldergoth Macabre Blog, Suicide Dolls, and Club Zero website (and used in group promotions) and in addition a LM to give out at the event.

Club Zero has been around since November 2009 and has a member pool of 3,517. In addition to advertising your store on the blogs and at the event itself, we would advertise the event heavily in the Zero group as well as The Eldergoth Macabre and Suicide Dolls groups.

If you are interested in taking part in the event please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Please feel free to contact myself, AnnabeleLee Dreadlow or Punkkitty Fitzgerald. Thank You!

AnnabeleLee Dreadlow
Owner: The Eldergoth Macabre
Owner: Suicide Dolls
Owner: Horror Haute
.:Club Zero:. PR Management

Punkkitty Fitzgerald
General Manager & Co-Owner: Club Zero
.::Suicide Dolls::.  

Blogger: The Eldergoth Macabre

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Burton Invades Horror Haute!

That's right The Horror Haute breaks out some deliciously inspired items of one Mr Timothy Burton! From the Dark Knight to Frankenweenie.. Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands, this one amazing mind has inspired ours.

Outfit - SKBW - Jack's Nightmare Mesh Dress
Bag - {W&R} This is Halloween Bag - Goth
Boots - The Little Bat! Beetle Boots (Grey) 
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Outfit - ImmateriA - Photographing Ghosts Dress
Boots - The Little Bat! Beetle Boots (Grey) 
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Tattoo - :Little Pricks: - Dark has a Path Tattoo
Piercings - CoLLisions Juno Facial Piercing
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Outfit - Gloomy Thought - BeeJuicy Green
Boots - The Little Bat! Beetle Boots (Grey) 
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Outfit - Czarny Kanarek - Morning Love Mesh
Tattoo - :Little Pricks: Dark has a Path Tattoo
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Outfit - PunkD Weirdness (Includes Skin, Cat, Eyes and Outfit) 

Outfit - !TLB Strange and Unusual Outfit
Boots - The Little Bat! Beetle Boots (Grey) 
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Corset- PunkD Itch This Corset
Gloves and Spats - Aftershock Horror Haute Gatcha Green Stripes
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Necklace - .:: Distorted Dreams::. Beetle Necklace
Tattoo - :Little Pricks: Dark has a Path Tattoo
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Shoes - Goth1c0 Burton's Pumps

Shirt - Gidgi Dolls - Mars Attacks Shirt
Razor and Blood  -  Love Zombie - Slit My Throat 
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Outfit - St@sis Into Dust Bride Dress
Shoes - Goth1c0 Burton's Pumps
Skin - PunkD Swiggle Lt Drow

Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Anarchy I tell ya... Total Anarchy!!!

Whew! So many awesome things going on in SL this month.. and one of the first I get to tell you about is Total Anarchy! Have to say... It made me a very happy camper being able to get out and about to do some shopping and exploring!

First Up.. from Tw@ttyC@kes(Have to admit LOVE the name it made me giggle!) .. this amazing sexy yet fierce dress!(Sure to make any person drop their jaw and drool) 

With a Multitude of looks available in one small little package. This outfit from Dark Wing is a WIN for whatever occasion you can think of... And.. Paired nicely with Kennedy's Net Stockings offering too! 

For the more RAWR leaning crowd... Dark Wing also offers Lupe! With some kickin' Lace Jeans and Halter Top... Lupe will make people Loopy with Want! 

DRBC had some skull Capri's I couldn't resist and paired up with your favorite Tee... You can get as Hellbilly or as Cha Cha D'Gregorio as you want! 

Distorted's Penny in Black was a logical and fun choice for me for my everyday kickbuttatude I like to have wandering around the grid! 

Now.. This outfit made me smile. Totally something I'd have on in my non virtual world on a daily basis actually... With the outfit from KS - Bleed for a Sinner comes with the amazingly cute shorts and top and just for added me-ness.. Paired up with Kennedy's Net Stockings with Garters! 

Off with their Heads!!!!! And yes.. when you walk into a place with this outfit on from Pixy Stix.. You will look so fierce you may actually get a head or two handed to you.. if you're lucky! Again.. paired up with the delicious Kennedy Net Stockings with Garters! 

Time to be a baaaaaad little angel in this Bad Angel Outfit from S&C. With tight pants and the short cropped top.. you will need some super glue on your halo to keep it attached or no one is gonna buy that you're a good girl in this! 

Now.. the punker girl in me LOVES loud colors and this outfit from The Little Bat! is quickly becoming a often worn outfit for those moments I just feel a little more Punk that usual. Skully Girl,  I find, offers a softly sweet look into the punk side and this *nods* is something I love! 

And now, to scare the folks around you... The Little Bat also offers up Don't Speak (Those would be the scissors on the tongue) and pairs up nicely with their jumper .. for a truly sugar - tinted look into some depravity!

Cheshire from KS .. I wish I had in the real world. I have a small (ok ok huge) fondness for all things Cheshire Cat related and this interpretation of it makes me smile .. even more so than the mask does.

And lastly from my journey into Total Anarchy.. I preset to you.. Pixy Stix Webbed Leggings. I saw these and was instantly in my buy button smashing it with glee. I love a good webbed leg and these definitely deliver!

SO.. go.. get to Total Anarchy .. become a member to find out when they run.. and SHOP! The more you support your designers in world.. the more stuff they can continue to bring you! Plus.. it's shopping.. I mean really do you need a reason to go do it? hehehe

Till next post Cookies!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Alive from the Neck Up!

For those that don't know me, I am a huge lover of all things corset. Something about the constraint and beauty of it all. ImmateriA has created something that makes my inner sassy gal squeal. A Collection of beautifully designed Neck Corsets!

The Madame De Pompadour in Black Neck Corset - ImmateriA
Long Black Lace Mesh Skirt  - Sakide 
Ibis Platform Heels (Noir) - [LW]
PunkD Samhain Skin Milky Tone 
Adoness Hair - Myrina 

The Madame De Pompadour in Blue Neck Corset - ImmateriA
PunkD Samhain Skin Milky Tone 
Adoness Hair - Myrina 

The Madame De Pompadour in GreenNeck Corset - ImmateriA
PunkD Samhain Skin Milky Tone 
Adoness Hair - Myrina 
*Epic* Button Overalls in Vintage

The Pull Me Tight Neck Corset - ImmateriA
PunkD Samhain Skin Milky Tone 
Adoness Hair - Myrina 

The Quoth the Raven Neck Corset - ImmateriA
PunkD Samhain Skin Milky Tone 
Vanity Hair - Boys will be Boys - Dark Reds 

On top of all the wonderful Neck Corsets.. ImmateriA also released some beautiful dresses with that retro pinup feel. 

The Skeleton Dance Dress in Green - ImmateriA
PunkD Samhain Skin Milky Tone 
Vanity Hair - Boys will be Boys - Dark Reds 
Ibis Platform Heels (Noir) - [LW]

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dressing for the Paparazzi!

Just hot off the press from The Daily Club Zero Post, DJ Glitchmode brings Tabloid Hot-Mess Event Saturday, October 5th from 8-10pm SLT! Dress for "Best Celebrity Hot-Mess" and win some incredible prizes. Event is sponsored by Sugar, finest in mesh apparel.

Say cheese for the paparazzi!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome More Newness to Suicide Dolls!

We Love FRESH blood here! And we have some great new and refreshed blood joining back up!

First.. A huge Welcome Home to one of our Suicide Doll Models, Zie!  (Ziekling Bunnyhug for those searching her out)

Coming back after some RL craziness we're happy to re-introduce her to you all. With a wonderful persona inspired by Japanese horror, vampires and anime. She offers a unique style all her own. Striving to be sexy and still classy she loves to be able to make that wow statement with a simplicity that is sure to show things off to their best!  This tall, waif like beauty is and XS and comes to us with some fashion modeling experience and can easily go from Elegant Lady to Tomboy with 'tude.  Welcome Back, Zie!

Next New Blood into the Suicide Dolls.. The Cyanide Chamber

Another Club on the Grid that brings some banging tunes in the "other realm" of music that attracts all us Suicide Dolls in some way! 

Be sure to swing by and check them out! Say Hi.. welcome them to the Suicide Dolls Group!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's time to SCREAM!

Horror Haute is out (starting today) for September and yes... they brought it big time! 13 Designers released special items up for sale from anywhere from 50L to 200L! I love love LOVE special events! Good chance to see the inner dark workings of the mind or their twisted take on things.

Please.. keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times!

Starting off at the Circus is always a good plan.. (Clowns creep me out and ... I kind of enjoy it). With this release from AfterShok, inspired from Captain Spalding, I will need to brush up on my balloon animal making skills and step into the spot light under the big top. Outfit comes in Male and Female complete with Jacket..Pants. Hat and face paint tattoo. Put it on .. you know you want to .. you're sure to be a show stopper in it! 

Outfit - AfterShok HH Item
Boots - [LW]

Next on our tour of Horror...

The Creepy Manor .. where we find  a haunting contribution from Lamp*Light's Miss Jackson..
Multiple sizes.. tango appliers and 2 versions... you can be clean Miss Jackson or Bloody.. I personally love the look of this dress.. a little retro.. a little whimsy.. and a whole lot of sassy! 

Outfit - Lamp*Light Miss Jackson HH Item
Shoes - [LW] 
G0th1C - Bloody Garters 
Hair - !lamb Ruby
Skin - PunkD Skins Samhain Milky Tone

Now.. our crew will be walking up and down the aisle to pass out refreshments.. please remember to keep your drinking to a minimum of 4 drinks..  If you look out to your left you will see the tattered ruins of the city...

Here we find the Horror Haute Item from [.Riel.]..  When the world is in turmoil.. remember it is still important to look good! This shirt definitely helps with that.. Not only do you look good but in a pinch.. you could probably use it as bandages... but I suggest just bleeding.. the top is too cute to ruin! Available in a multitude of colors ... you can find your favorite.. or just get them all! 

Top - [.Riel.] HH Intrigue Midnight Snow Top
Pants - Sakide - Shredded Leggings
Shoes - [LW] Boots 
Hair - Magika - Stumble
Skin - PunkD Skins Samhain Milky Tone

And if you look to your right we see the hidden forest of mystery...  And if you look closely.. you can see the famed pumpkin patch  .. (Warning.. don't touch the pumpkins.. odd things happen when you touch the pumpkins before they are ready..) 

Skindustrial Bodywerks released this adorable Jack Skellington inspired dress and this makes me squee on many many levels. I'm a HUGE Burton fan... LOVE flirty dresses and yes.. I'll admit it.. certain shades of orange make me happy! 

Outfit  - Skindustrial Bodywerks HH Release of Jack Skellington Dress in Orange
Skin - PunkD Skins - Samhain Pumpkin HH Item Milky Tone
G0th1c - Bloody Garters 
Hair - .ploom - Camille - Candy Pack (from My Attic event) 

Next stop .. we break the glass cause it's an emergency.. and emergency of hotness from Sugar

Now, if you don't know SUGAR products.. first climb out from under the rock and go get some! (And no I don't just say this cause I love the creator to death) Sugar's LuLu corset screams dark and delicious with just a dash of bad ass! This is Sugar's first time in the Horror Haute and frankly it tickles me pink to think of the goodies to come from her! With the awesome detailing on the front combined with the fabric texturing .. how could you not want to scream over this corset! 

Top - Sugar LuLu Corset 
Pants - Sakide  Shredded Leggings in Black 
Skin - PunkD Skins Samhain Milky Tone

As we rocket off  higher on this journey... I must warn you air may get thin. Good thing Horror Haute offering from ImmateriA can help you with this! 

ImmateriA takes us to an alien world ... of amazing with her Horror Haute creation of Event Horizon.. complete with Dress and Scripted Helm! Not only will you wow the humans with it but .. don't be shocked if you pick up a few extra terrestrial stalkers as well! 

Outfit - ImmateriA Event Horizon Horror Haute Item 
Helm - ImmateriA Event Horizon Horror Haute Item
Skin - PunkD Skins Milky Tone

Now.. as we run from the aliens...(Who knew they'd get upset over killing a few egg sacs.?) We make a pit stop to clean up the is evident from all the blood over our next stop in the Horror Haute Tour..

Covered in blood... Christian Bale's face... and looking fierce! What more could a person want? Available in Male and Female this uber quirky and fun offering from Tasty Pudding just screams out for some Huey Lewis and a bat to complete it! "Inspired by American Psycho..(obviously since I have Christian Bale this close to my boobs*dies happily*) All I can say is .. It's Hip to be... in this Tasty Pudding Top! 

Top - Tasty Pudding - American Psycho Horror Haute Item
Blood Supplied by Repulse 
G0th1C - Bloody Garters
Boots - [LW]
Sakide - Undies 
Skin - PunkD Skins Samhain Milky Tone

After  a quick shower I'm ready to head out for the night but forgot... I ran out of hair spray.. but even running to the store one must look faaaaaaaaaantastic .. don't want to become famous as a people of wal-mart person... so .. a side jag on our trip enabled by..

Which color do I choose.. the purple or the orange.. ohhh decisions decisions and store makes it hard to choose in their Horror Haute offering this month...Sassy lowcut sweaters with undershirts paired with whatever you choose are going to make you a head turner even at the most crowded of places.

Top - STORE - Horror Haute Item 
Skirt  - Death Row Designs -
Hair - !lamb Ruby
Skins - PunkD Skins - Samhain Milky Tone 

Ok.. Back from the side trip from the store.. Now.. as we begin to wrap up our Horror Haute Tour it seems only right that we go out on the town.. And Gloomy Thoughts has the PERFECT outfit to do it ...

I'll admit I may have grinned from ear to ear once I put this outfit on completely.. from hat.. to dress to kicky ankle boots and stockings.. I felt very "Chicago-esque" in this outfit and I LOVED it.. I like to have a theme look when going out for the night and this theme.. suited me and my inner dancer just fine. Showing off my legs perfectly and the amazing skully design on the top.. I am set to dance the night away in this!

Outfit - Gloomy Thoughts  - Hooked Horror Haute Item
Skin - PunkD Skins - Samhain Milky Tone
Boots - Gloomy Thoughts Hooked 

As the morning dawns again our tour of Horror Haute is complete.. for now.. .. I thank you for joining me on this trip and I'll say ciao for now, Cookies! 

You didn't think I'd leave with out one last Horror Haute Item did you? This tattoo from Collisions is awesomely cracked.. just enough to show off your spine! A delightfully twisted touch for any outfit.. or just to show off on it's own! 

Back Tattoo - Collisons Horror Haute Item
Shorts  - Erratic
Boots - [LW] Candy
Skin - PunkD Skins Milky Tone

Ok.. Now.. Ciao my darlings.. Until we Scream again!