Saturday, March 15, 2014

Witch & Leprechaun

 Outfit: Knot Dress, Warmer Boots, Crazy Clover Tongue - +REDRUM+
Redrum has 3 Gacha Machine's in the upcoming Depraved Nation's Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair! 

Doll: Bill w/chest pose - Arcana Antiques & Oddities
Ring: Brains - Zombie Suicide
The Witching Hour is a new Gacha Event held on the 13th of every months beginning at midnight SLT.

Shoes: Threads/Shoes Night Terror Blind - !Lovely Monsters! {Witching Hour}

Headband: Imp Horns - Butterfly Toast {Witching Hour}
Ring: Cameo - Violent Seduction {Witching Hour}
Dress: Alice - Redrum
Dress: Arcane - Blue Blood {Witching Hour}
Hair: Malicious - Bad Juju

Dress: Wickedness - PunkD {Witching Hour}
Hair: Haunted - Bad Juju {Witching Hour}
Mouth: Weird Sister Society Ouija {Witching Hour}

Dress: Demonic Doll - Blue Blood {Witching Hour}
Choker: Familiar Unicorn - The Little Bat {Witching Hour}

Dress: Weird Sister Society - ImmateriA
Necklace: Blood Moon - Lolapop

Mask: Spirit Jack - Aftershok

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