Friday, February 28, 2014

Some Goodies from Immateria!

Now I've been gone awhile but I know you have still been shopping and if you haven't been to Immateria .. then you should! The following is a collection of goodies she's but out over the past few weeks and just taking the time to showcase the awesomeness that is there..

The Cora Gown By Immateria
Skin by PunkD! 

The Dunwich Corset .. Tentacle Love by Immateria
Necklace  - Reckoner by Collisions from Dec Horror Haute Item
Skin - PunkD! 

Who says this is just for men... Paired with some hotpants the 
Scrooge Shirt and Vest Combo from Immateria brings Classexy (New Word Classy + Sexy) Back!

With a touch of Flapper and a smidge of Flight of Fancy the Jorinda Dress from Immateria is perfect! 

Again.. Classexy is back with the Marley Shirt and Vest Combo from Immateria (supposedly for the guys but you know.. nothing hotter than a chick in men's clothes some times) 

Feeling sassy and strong.. then Immateria's Moroi is for you! (Seen here.. in Nightshade) 
Skin - Dead Sexy in Lt Drow by PunkD!
Shoes deftly done by [LW]

For the TWISTED.. Immateria offers the Orb of Agamotto.. complete with mystical voices from the beyond! 

With the Pestmeester Mask and Hat from Immateria.. sure to be a win for any occasion.. especially if the plague comes! 

For the nights or times you need to feel like a dark goddess.. Immateria offers you Stregoni in a variety of shades.. but for today I chose Azure! 

And not only does she offer clothing for guys and gals.. she also offers up some amazing accessories.. Such as the Trinket - Succubus Red Necklace seen here.
Corset and Skin by PunkD! 

Visit Immateria HERE

And just to round out my recent finds in inventory I did find some uber cute goodies One from Tasty Pudding! 

A Horror Haute Dress called Bosch! Slinky.. Sexy.. and kinda Spooky! 

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