Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lolita to Latex.. Blue Blood is rocking it out!

Now for those that don't know me.. I do have a weakness for la Lolita looks... something about dirty minds all dressed in frills and fluff. And I have been a huge supporter of Blue Blood looks.. I'll admit it.. I maaaaay have a slight addiction and equally large folder in my inventory of said clothing. During my travel of addiction of Blue Blood.. I got to meet the every so lovely and talented (with a hint of naughty) creator Ghanima.. I do love her so!

 Now.. as much as I love and adore her Lolita styles.. as all good creators do.. they like to branch out.. try new things.. and she hit a home-run by branching into latex. I was first teased with a taste of her Beatrix outfit.. a mixture of latex and feathers for a truly delectable sight 

My second dive into her new deliciousness was via a Club Zero Fetish and Latex Event.. to my eternal delight.. She introduces me to Secrets.. and let me tell you.. The outfit leaves no secrets to the eye.. Form Fitting and lovely spots of colors to accentuate the delights of the body... Secrets is a must add to all closets for when you are feeling extra frisky and ... badass... Warning! Do not wear if you do not want to be ogled.

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