Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Offerings of Misery and Delight from Horror Haute

Oh the misery and horror it brings to... with new designers entering the fray and old favorites returning.. This month's Horror Haute was a delight to play with.. To start things off, I tear into the boxes with anticipation and glee.

As I unwrap and unbox the goodies I come across a delightful and yet eerily playful dress from Gloomy Thought.. Lovely textures.. with a flirty flow feeling to it ..yet with eerie eyes of blankness staring out at you.. a true fun addition to your collection.

Sadly, as I move through the boxes I remove the dress from Gloomy Thought and dig into the bags and suddenly I feel the cold wet suction of tentacles on my face as I dive into ImmateriA. After a squeal and detaching the tentacles from my face.. I slide into the sexy dress and answer the Call of Cthulhu (That's the amazing dress's name). I look from my hand holding the tentacles to the outfit and let go as the tentacles affix themselves to my chest to complete the look of sexy horror.

With some help from the lovely aquatic department to remove the tentacles, I then move on to the next bag.. and I am pleasantly surprised by the amazing colors and textures of the next dress.. a Frilly Corset Style inspired Dress from Skindustrial Bodywerks. With the splashes of fun colors I so love and the Victorian touches of art.. this will be a often worn dress for me.

Wow, totally blown away so far by the offerings of the dark and twisted I've come across so far .. I was equally delighted for the next two items.. I love separates.. lets me make my very own looks a little easier to match my depraved tastes as they come up.. The first is from Czarny Kanarek, a very adorable little tank paired with some of my kicky plaid pants I live in most of the time..

The second little tee took me to new heights.. That may have been from the wings.. This little top from Legacy Cain.. offers something most tees don't.. WAAAAAAAANGS! and they are adorable. Who needs Redbull when you can wear this! 

Up Next.. our Brand New contributor to Horror Haute... Tasty Pudding! And They brought the BOOM! followed by the Blood Splatter on two lovely color choices. This Strappin' Sexy ..Stained Dress is sure to turn some heads and possible some anonymous calls to the authorities.

From Blood to the wild... Another offering from ImmateriA brings out your inner.. God? Monster? Masked Crusader? What ever it brings out in you.. it is amazing! The Lir Mask.. I'll admit contributed to hours of good clean and not so clean fun for me! 

And finally for this post atleast.. I put to use the last offering (for now) and collapse upon the Goatressa Chaise Lounge from the Horribaubles! Until Next time my darklings... I leave you with the lovely lounge and an encouraging to go visit the lovely creators for Horror Haute this month! 

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