Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome to the Creature Feature... brought to you by Horror Haute!

It's time again.. Horror Haute is up and running for the next week and there are some divine... creepy goodies up for grabs. If you like creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night and are always better with popcorn.. then Creature Feature is for you!

ImmateriA! offers up a creepy yet oddly arousing Wendigo for this round... Complete with Fangs, Claws,, and smile tattoo layer and fur layer! Available in 3 different colors.

And for some tentacle teasing... The Untitled offers the Kraken Dress .. who knew Tentacles could be this adorable! Well unless it was a baby Cthulhu. 

Creature Feature would not be the same with out ::DRBC:: in the mix.. her offering for us all... Her Replicant Dress in the Black and White version of B-Movie! Matching Slink Nails from Koffin Nails make this a claw to cleavage monster mash up worthy of Elvira herself! 

Tasty Pudding offers up a collection of the Classic Creatures Gowns we all will remember and love anew! 

SKBW has the most adorable Franken-kini as I call it for those that don't mind having eyes on your chest all the time! I promise.. the mouth on the bottoms of the suit does not move! *wink* 

and Finally one of my personal favorites this round.. from :: Czarny Kanarek ::  the Monster Love dress.. it has gore.. it has sass.. it kicks _ _ _! 

From PunkD! The Jek the Hyde Corset.. .. a package of Monster Pendants.. featuring 5 adorable monsters to make you smile.. even at the creepiest of faces.. and for the Guys.. a trio of Monsta Watches!

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