Thursday, April 3, 2014

ESCAPE! .... It's what we all want to do from time to time

There is an event going on right now.. and it's the ESCAPE RP Event.. With offerings from some of the best designers in SL. There are Gachas.. special sales.. and tons of new goodies to sink your teeth into!

From ImmateriA! She offers up a "hand" to hold all the goodies you buy with Kali! 
In a host of different colors you are sure to find your own special flavor.

ImmateriA! - Kali in Kavat
PunkD - Sassafrass Gacha Necklace
PunkD - Beetle Skin 
{LW} - Platform Boots 

Next up we have some offerings to help create your creature from the woods look

From Souzou Eien some disturbing bloody additions all of us can delight in 
Souzou Eien - Heartless Chest Cavity and Bellerphon's Gaze 
For the Horny Sorts - Dark Matter's Queens Horns 

ESCAPE RP EVENT happening Here

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